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Ira Zoot is the founder and fine artist of EyeZoot.com, iZoot.com, iDigits.com and Zoot.com. He's always creating art and design that appeals to a wide audience with his commercial artwork. As well as being on the bleeding edge of technology whether it was being one of the first Photographers/Designers in Chicago using Photoshop, putting digital art to fabric, or seeing the development potential for domain names back in 1995. He's always believed that you have to go after your dreams and take chances to stay in as well as stay ahead in the game.


But's Zoot's passion lay in his personal artwork and he decided to commit his focus to sharing his personal artwork on a variety of products that offer style, fun and functionality to the buyer's lifestyle. For years I've heard from friends and viewers that have seen my artwork in a show, a piece done for gifts, on my personal website Zoot.com how much they liked it and how I should do more with it. This was something I was aware of being one of the first to apply digital art to fabric for Neck wear and Boxers. But other commitments kept getting in the way.


Zoot has been enjoying and working hard on developing many collections of original artwork that will be featured on a wide variety of products for example: eyewear, clothing, home goods, porcelain/ceramic/ glass/metal tiles for use in commercial, residential, hospitality, institutional applications, limited production fine art prints and mosaics on canvas or tiles. It's amazing how many ways there are to share artwork with others these days! In addition to offering his own lines of branded products Zoot will be licensing his artwork as well as offering custom designed artwork + products on assignment.


He has recently begun working on artwork collections that are based on the natural beauty of various strains of Cannabis. He's very excited about how this collection is progressing and how well it fits in with all the existing plans for the iZoot network.


A Bit More about Ira Zoot ...

For 3 decades Zoot was/is a photographer, commercial Artist and Product Designer that has worked on national campaigns creating artwork and packaging for McDonald's, Jim Beam, GM, Marshall Field's (now Macy's) and American Girl, among others.  He designed lines of toys and soft goods, working with licensed artwork from Disney, Sony, Marvel, Universal, and Pixar. The products and artwork he created on were distributed nationally and very well received. In addition, he's owned and run www.TicketStub.com for the last 15 years. Growing it to one of the largest secondary market ticket sites out there and is currently looking at avenues to grow it further.


You can see examples of this artwork at www.EyeZoot.com, www.iZoot.com, www.iDigits.com and at www.Zoot.com.


Ira said, "I'm very excited about bringing my artwork to the marketplace and I'm planning to bring on other artists and designers over time to offer them a venue they can sell their artwork with a % going to programs that supports the arts in school. EyeZoot.com, iZoot.com and iDigits.com are going to be THE destinations for digital fine art and surface design!"



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